SELUTION SLR PTCA Drug Eluting Balloon

The SELUTION SLR Drug Eluting Balloon (DEB) is the latest generation of drug-eluting balloon technology designed to Go Beyond Metal and deliver consistent and predictable drug release as best-in-class drug-eluting stents.

The New Paradigm for Coronary Interventions

Breakthrough technology to deliver sustained limus release up to 90 days.


CELL ADHERENT TECHNOLOGY (CAT)™ facilitates drug uptake and retention, in the tissue, with a minimal drug loss during the procedure while providing excellent deliverability.


MicroReservoirs achieve a consistent and predictable drug release, at a therapeutic level, comparable to the latest generation drug-eluting stent technology


SELUTION SLR DEB offers a broader portfolio to extend treatment options for coronary artery disease

The SELUTION DeNovo Study*

A prospective randomized, multi-center, international, single-blind clinical trial comparing the SELUTION SLR DEB Strategy Versus Drug-Eluting Stent (DES) Strategy. 

  • Landmark randomized trial for coronary de-novo lesions, all-comers enrollment
  • Designed to evaluate non-inferiority at 1 and 5 years and possible superiority at 5 years
  • Primary Endpoints: Target Vessel Failure at 1 year and 5 years 

*Current enrollment >80% out of a total of 3326 patients (as of 30.04.2024)


Complex PCI: SELUTION SLR™ DEB in long and calcified lesions

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