MYNX CONTROL Vascular Closure Device

The outstanding design and predictable deployment of MYNX CONTROL Vascular Closure Device delivers outstanding performance and control, for reliable secure arterial closures.*

Product Description

MYNX CONTROL Vascular Closure Device integrates active extravascular sealing and resorbability properties with a next-generation delivery system to maximize predictability, safety, and ease of use in sealing 5-7F femoral arterial access sites.


  • A next-generation deployment system designed for predictability and ease of use with a 2-button streamline procedural steps
  • A sheath catch compatible with the procedural sheath
  • A tension indicator providing visual confirmation of device position for proper sealant deployment
  • Available in 5F, 6F, and 7F sizes

MYNX™ Family of Vascular Closure Devices have been clinically proven to reduce surgical complications, expedite recovery, shorten hospital stays, and increase patient comfort. 1-5

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MYNX CONTROL™ Vascular Closure Device - Catheter Lab Video

MYNX CONTROL™ Vascular Closure Device - Procedure Animation

The MYNX CONTROL™ VCD includes:

  • (1) MYNX CONTROL™ VCD including balloon catheter and integrated polyethylene glycol sealant
  • (1) 10 ml locking syringe
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