STABILIZER Steerable Guidewires

Cordis offers a broad portfolio of steerable guidewires, such as STABILIZER Balance Performance Steerable Guidewire and STABILIZER Marker Wire Steerable Guidewire, for choosing the right guidewire given a specific clinical situation.*

Product Description

Cordis offers a complete platform of steerable guidewires for choosing the right guidewire given a specific clinical situation. The portfolio includes radiolucent and radiopaque wires, various support wires and sub-total occlusion wires, for highly stenosed lesions. All Cordis Guidewires possess important features required to successfully treat all the complex and challenging lesions:

  • The DURAGLIDE™ sleeve provides consistent lubricity throughout the entire procedure, to enable smooth delivery of multiple devices.
  • The One-Piece stainless steel core wire design optimizes the transmission of torque to the distal tip of the wire for optimal control.
  • The broad transition at the tip provides optimal control of the wire to selectively steer to a specific vessel location.
  • The Flex-Joint™ bond adds strength and flexibility to the distal core wire transition for enhanced trackability in tortuous anatomy.

The PTFE spray coat minimizes friction on the proximal end for smooth device delivery.

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