ZEPHYR Vascular Compression Device

The ZEPHYR Vascular Compression Device (VCD) offers comfort, flexibility and patent hemostasis for radial closure.*

Product Description

  • Double bonded radial balloon: The ZEPHYR VCD helps clinicians achieve patent hemostasis with firm downward pressure and clear visualization of the puncture site
  • Soft flexible band: Compliant elastomeric band for patient comfort and firm compression balloon for patent hemostasis
  • Interchangeable syringe connection: Universally compatible with standard luer syringes

ZEPHYR VCD is manufactured by Advanced Vascular Dynamics and distributed by Cordis.

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ZEPHYR VCB Product Highlights

Radial 360 - Product Line Overview

ProductSizeOrder NumberQuantity


One size fits all (up to 30cm with the extender)

190010020*50 EA/BOX

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