ZEPHYR Vascular Compression Band

The ZEPHYR® Vascular Compression Band is designed to provide security, comfort, flexibility, and simplicity to achieve patent hemostasis.

This one band closes radial, pedal, and brachial providing multiple access site versatility.

Product Description

  • Double bonded radial balloon: The ZEPHYR Band helps clinicians achieve patent hemostasis with firm downward pressure and clear visualization of the puncture site
  • Interchangeable syringe connection: Universally compatible with standard luer syringes
  • Soft flexible band: Compliant elastomeric band for patient comfort and firm compression balloon for patent hemostasis

ZEPHYR Compression Band is manufactured by Advanced Vascular Dynamics and distributed by Cordis.

ProductOrder NumberSizeShip Case
ZEPHYR® Vascular Compression Band190102Large 30cm5 EA/BOX


Please refer to the Instructions for Use for complete information, including indications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events.

Customer Service and Ordering Information

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