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A Portfolio of Vascular Closure Devices

Explore the Cordis Vascular Closure Portfolio.

Vascular Closure Device

MYNX CONTROL® VCD is innovatively designed with a simple delivery system for reliable performance to maximize predictable deployment, safety, and ease of use for consistently secure arterial closures.

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Vascular Closure Device

MYNXGRIP® VCD is innovatively designed to provide secure mechanical closure with tactile feel and bleedback visual indication for secure arterial and venous closures.

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Vascular Closure Device

EXOSEAL® VCD is designed with two unique visual indicators which enable precise positioning for safe, simple, and secure arterial closures.

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Compression Band

The ZEPHYR® Vascular Compression Band is designed to provide security, comfort, flexibility, and simplicity to achieve patent hemostasis.

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Designed for unmatched versatility.

At Cordis, we aspire to deliver vascular closure devices that are clinically versatile that enhance the patient experience and support procedural closure success for physicians from hemostasis to ambulation. Our Cordis Vascular Closure Portfolio (VCP) is designed for reliable performance to close femoral arterial, femoral venous, radial, pedal, and brachial access sites.

Extravascular Advantage.

Extravascular closure means nothing is left behind to impede future re-access. Our femoral closure portfolio contains sealants which fully resorb within 30-90 days, and our vascular compression band provides clear visualization of the puncture site for external closure. We keep both the physician and patient in mind to maximize predictability, safety, and comfort.

Patient Satisfaction.

Reaching hemostasis in a safe, simple, and secure manner is vital. During vascular closure, patients may be coming out of anesthesia and able to sense device deployment. Our VCP is designed to provide comfort, security, and shorten hospital stays.

Procedural efficiency.

Closure is an integral step of every procedure. Our goal is to reduce the time and steps needed to achieve hemostasis after an intervention or diagnostic procedure. To accomplish this, our VCP is designed for ease-of-use, reliable performance, and versatility for closure in multiple locations.

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