RAILWAY Sheathless Access System

The versatile RAILWAY® Sheathless Access System has been designed to convert your preferred guiding catheter into a sheathless access system to reduce access up to 2F.

Product Description

The RAILWAY Sheathless Access System has been designed to convert your preferred guiding catheter into a sheathless access system.

  • Smaller access profile than any radial sheath:
    - Reduce risk of spasm and occlusion2
    - Treat more complex lesions via radial access3
  • Compatibility:
    - Works with hundreds of guiding catheters4 and is optimized for VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheter and ADROIT®Guiding Catheter
    - Available in 5F, 6F, and 7F sizes
  • Versatility:
    - Access with purely sheathless approach for planned interventions
    - Increase guiding catheter French size following angiography with a sheath
    - Track through radial anatomy either with or without a sheath

Three Easy Ways to Use the RAILWAY Sheathless Access System

  • Smallest Access Profile2 – Completely sheathless intervention for your planned procedures
  • Upsize When Needed – Upsize to a large guiding catheter for intervention without increasing puncture size following angiography
  • Facilitate Tracking –Track through the radial anatomy up to the Subclavian artery

1 Compared to conventional radial sheaths. Profile reduction is 1.2F compared to Terumo Glidesheath Slender.

2Vessel injury, spasm and occlusion risk is reduced with lower profile devices.Saurabh Sanon and Rajiv Gulati, “Slender Approach and Sheathless Technique”, Interventional CardiologyClin 4 (2015) 161-166.

3With the puncture size of a 5F sheath, the RAILWAY® system enables the use of atherectomy devices and dual (kissing) balloons compatible with 7F guiding catheters.

4Ccompatible with Terumo Heartrail II, Boston Scientific Mach 1, and Medtronic Launcher guiding catheters.

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