RAIN Sheath Transradial Thin-Walled Introducer

Brings innovation to you with KINK RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY.

Maintain Lumen Integrity

The proprietary sheath with elastomeric properties is designed to maintain lumen integrity.


Elastomeric properties allow RAIN Sheath Introducer to flex and bend in the radial anatomy. RAIN Sheath Introducer’s polymeric material reduces the impact of kinking - avoiding the sharp edges that can injure the vessel wall and contribute to complications.

Maximum Lubricity and durability

Lubricious hydrophilic coating, designed to reduce the risk of radial spasm*, facilitating smooth insertion and removal.

* Cordis 2019 data on file

6F in 5 Profile

RAIN Sheath Transradial Introducer’s ultra-low profile enables maximum operating space while minimizing puncture size. And with sizes from 4F to 7F, it helps you bring those benefits to even more patients.

RAIN Sheath Introducer | Patricia Davis-Lemessy

Patricia Davis-Lemssy, PhD describes the development concepts behind the Cordis RAIN Sheath Transradial Introducer

Producing a Better Product | Victoria Jew

Victoria Jew, PhD discusses the process of developing the Rain Sheath Introducer

Every Detail Designed to Elevate Radial Access


Elastomeric properties allow RAIN Sheath Introducer to bend and flex to maintain lumen integrity.


Facilitates smoother, easier insertion and removal.


Designed to preserve hemostasis and reduce risk of bleedback.

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