North American electronic Instructions For Use (eIFUs)

Selected North American (United States & Canada) product eIFUs are available in the following table.

Product Name

Product Codes

Safety Update


ANGIOGUARD RX Emboli Capture Guidewire System (For Carotid Use)401814RMC, 501814REC, 501814RMC, 601814REC, 601814RMC, 701814REC, 701814RMC, 801814REC, 801814RMC
ANGIOGUARD XP Emboli Capture Guidewire System (For Carotid Use)403014EC, 403014MC, 503014EC, 503014MC, 603014EC, 603014MC, 703014EC, 703014MC, 803014EC, 803014MC
S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Vascular Stent System (Iliac Indication)C06020ML, C06020SL, C06030ML, C06030SL, C06040ML, C06040SL, C06060ML, C06060SL, C06080ML, C06080SL, C06100ML, C06100SL, C07020ML, C07020SL, C07030ML, C07030SL, C07040ML, C07040SL, C07060ML, C07060SL, C07080ML, C07080SL, C07100ML, C07100SL, C08020ML, C08020SL, C08030ML, C08030SL, C08040ML, C08040SL, C08060ML, C08060SL, C08080ML, C08080SL, C08100ML, C08100SL, C09020ML, C09020SL, C09030ML, C09030SL, C09040ML, C09040SL, C09060ML, C09060SL, C10020ML, C10020SL, C10030ML, C10030SL, C10040ML, C10040SL, C10060ML, C10060SL
S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Vascular Stent System (SFA Indication)C06120ML, C06150ML, C07120ML, C07150ML, C08120ML, C08150ML
S.M.A.R.T. RADIANZ Vascular Stent System48002002S, 48002002X, 48002003S, 48002003X, 48002004S, 48002004X, 48002006S, 48002006X, 48002008S, 48002008X, 48002010S, 48002010X, 48002015S, 48002015X, 48002020S, 48002020X, 48002025S, 48002025X, 48002030S, 48002030X, 48002502S, 48002502X, 48002503S, 48002503X, 48002504S, 48002504X, 48002506S, 48002506X, 48002508S, 48002508X, 48002510S, 48002510X, 48002515S, 48002515X, 48002520S, 48002520X, 48002525S, 48002525X, 48002530S, 48002530X, 48003002S, 48003002X, 48003003S, 48003003X, 48003004S, 48003004X, 48003006S, 48003006X, 48003008S, 48003008X, 48003010S, 48003010X, 48003015S, 48003015X, 48003020S, 48003020X, 48003025S, 48003025X, 48003030S, 48003030X, 48003502S, 48003502X, 48003503S, 48003503X, 48003504S, 48003504X, 48003506S, 48003506X, 48003508S, 48003508X, 48003510S, 48003510X, 48003515S, 48003515X, 48003520S, 48003520X, 48003525S, 48003525X, 48003530S, 48003530X, 48004002S, 48004002X, 48004003S, 48004003X, 48004004S, 48004004X, 48004006S, 48004006X, 48004008S, 48004008X, 48004010S, 48004010X, 48004015S, 48004015X, 48004020S, 48004020X, 48004025S, 48004025X, 48004030S, 48004030X, 48005002S, 48005002X, 48005003S, 48005003X, 48005004S, 48005004X, 48005006S, 48005006X, 48005008S, 48005008X, 48005010S, 48005010X, 48005015S, 48005015X, 48005020S, 48005020X, 48005025S, 48005025X, 48005030S, 48005030X, 48006002S, 48006002X, 48006003S, 48006003X, 48006004S, 48006004X, 48006006S, 48006006X, 48006008S, 48006008X, 48006010S, 48006010X, 48006015S, 48006015X, 48006020S, 48006020X, 48006025S, 48006025X, 48006030S, 48006030X, 48007002S, 48007002X, 48007003S, 48007003X, 48007004S, 48007004X, 48007006S, 48007006X, 48007008S, 48007008X, 48007010S, 48007010X, 48008002S, 48008002X, 48008003S, 48008003X, 48008004S, 48008004X, 48008006S, 48008006X, 48008008S, 48008008X, 48008010S, 48008010X, 48009002S, 48009002X, 48009003S, 48009003X, 48009004S, 48009004X, 48009006S, 48009006X, 48009008S, 48009008X, 48009010S, 48009010X, 48010002S, 48010002X, 48010003S, 48010003X, 48010004S, 48010004X, 48010006S, 48010006X, 48010008S, 48010008X, 48010010S, 48010010X
INFINITI Ambi Angiographic Catheter555500J352, 555525J352, 555500J402, 555525J402, 555500T401, 555525T401, 555500T451, 555525T451, 555600J352, 555625J352, 555600J402, 555625J402, 555600T401, 555625T401, 555600T451, 555625T451
PALMAZ MULLINS XD™ Pulmonary Stent SystemPM1910PXD, PM2510PXD, PM2910PXD, PM3910PXD, PM5910PXD

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