VISTA BRITE TIP Guiding Catheter

The guiding catheter that gives you the confidence and support even in the most challenging cases.

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Product Description

The VISTA BRITE TIP™ Guide Catheter gives you the confidence and support even in the most challenging cases.

  • Back-up and support – VISTA BRITE TIP Catheters assist wires and devices to reach and cross distal lesions. Moreover, a complete line of Extra Backup Guides for both the left and right coronary arteries is available.
  • Shape Retention – VISTA BRITE TIP Catheters maintain shape and remain engaged during lengthy and challenging procedures.
  • Easy insertion of devices - VISTA BRITE TIP Catheters feature a PTFE Lining and patented True Lumen Technology providing consistently lubricious lumen from hub to tip for smooth reliable delivery of devices.
  • A highly radiopaque distal ultra soft tip helps promote safe atraumatic engagement and precise placement.
  • VISTA BRITE TIP Catheters are available in a wide range of shapes and configurations, including a complete line of specialty guides to suit your special case needs.

Many of Cordis' catheter products, from our standard catalogue, can be modified to suit a clinician’s specific needs. For example, catheters and sheaths can be made shorter or longer.


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