MYNXGRIP Vascular Closure Device

The MYNXGRIP Vascular Closure Device (VCD) achieves secure extravascular closure by utilizing the GRIP sealant, which actively adheres to the artery or vein. The MYNXGRIP VCD is also indicated to close femoral venous access sites utilizing a 5F, 6F, or 7F procedural sheath.

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Product Description

The MYNXGRIP Vascular Closure Device (VCD) provides secure mechanical closure with the safety of an extravascular sealant. The MYNXGRIP VCD contains the proprietary GRIP Sealant which actively adheres to and seals the arteriotomy or venotomy while expanding to fill the tissue tract. The MYNXGRIP VCD offers a patient-friendly closure option with no cinching, suturing, or metal implants. The GRIP Sealant dissolves within 30 days leaving nothing permanently behind but a healed artery.


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