MOZEC RX PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The MOZEC Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter combines the competitive features of an ideal workhorse balloon dilatation catheter.

Product Description

The MOZEC Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter, now available from Cordis, combines the competitive features of an ideal workhorse balloon dilatation catheter.

  • Balloon sizes from 1.50 - 4.50mm in diameter and 9 - 41mm in length – the longest balloons on the market
  • Features MeriGlide hydrophilic coating from distal balloon neck up to Rx port for smooth navigation
  • Elongated 5mm tip for 1.50 and 2.00mm balloons for distal stability and guidewire support
  • Nominal pressure 7atm
  • Rated burst pressure 14 - 16atm


Please refer to the Indications for Use for complete information, including indications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events.

Customer Service and Ordering Information

In the United States, email us your question or order, or call us at 800.327.7714.

Balloon DiameterBalloon LengthRated Burst PressureProduct Code
1.50 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ15009
1.50 mm12 mm16 atmMOZ15012
1.50 mm15 mm16 atmMOZ15015
2.0 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ20009
2.0 mm12 mm16 atmMOZ20012
2.0 mm15 mm16 atmMOZ20015
2.25 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ22509
2.25 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ22514
2.25 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ22517
2.25 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ22520
2.50 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ25009
2.50 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ25014
2.50 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ25017
2.50 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ25020
2.50 mm25 mm16 atmMOZ25025
2.50 mm30 mm16 atmMOZ2530
2.50 mm41 mm16 atmMOZ25041
2.75 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ27509
2.75 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ27514
2.75 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ27517
2.75 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ27520
3.0 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ30009
3.0 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ30014
3.0 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ30017
3.0 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ30020
3.0 mm25 mm16 atmMOZ30025
3.0 mm30 mm16 atmMOZ30030
3.0 mm38 mm16 atmMOZ30038
3.0 mm41 mm16 atmMOZ30041
3.50 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ35009
3.50 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ35014
3.50 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ35017
3.50 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ25020
3.50 mm25 mm16 atmMOZ35025
3.50 mm30 mm16 atmMOZ35030
3.50 mm38 mm16 atmMOZ35038
4.0 mm9 mm16 atmMOZ40009
4.0 mm14 mm16 atmMOZ40014
4.0 mm17 mm16 atmMOZ40017
4.0 mm20 mm16 atmMOZ40020
4.0 mm30 mm16 atmMOZ40030
4.50 mm9 mm14 atmMOZ45009
4.50 mm14 mm14 atmMOZ45014
4.50 mm17 mm14 atmMOZ45017
4.50 mm20 mm14 atmMOZ45020