MOZEC® NC Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Combines controlled balloon growth with the longest lengths on the U.S. market.*

*Information related to competitive products was obtained from public sources, including company websites, sales materials, and related documentation.

Product Description

The MOZEC NC PTCA Balloon combines flat compliance at high pressure with the longest lengths on the U.S. market:

  • Designed to deliver in the most challenging cases
  • Balloon sizes from 2.25 - 4.50mm in diameter and 8 - 35mm in length – the longest balloons on the U.S. market
  • Features nylon noncompliant balloon material
  • Nominal pressure 12atm
  • Rated burst pressure 20atm


Please refer to the Indications for Use for complete information, including indications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events.

Customer Service and Ordering Information

In the United States, email us your question or order, or call us at 800.327.7714.

Balloon DiameterBalloon LengthRated Burst PressureProduct Code
2.25 mm8 mm20 atmMNC22508
2.25 mm10 mm20 atmMNC22510
2.25 mm13 mm20 atmMNC22513
2.25 mm15 mm20 atmMNC22515
2.25 mm18 mm20 atmMNC22518
2.25 mm23 mm20 atmMNC22523
2.25 mm28 mm20 atmMNC22528
2.25 mm35 mm20 atmMNC22535
2.50 mm8 mm20 atmMNC25008
2.50 mm10 mm20 atmMNC25010
2.50 mm13 mm20 atmMNC25013
2.50 mm15 mm20 atmMNC25015
2.50 mm18 mm20 atmMNC25018
2.50 mm23 mm20 atmMNC25023
2.50 mm28 mm20 atmMNC25028
2.50 mm35 mm20 atmMNC25035
2.75 mm8 mm20 atmMNC27508
2.75 mm10 mm20 atmMNC27510
2.75 mm13 mm20 atmMNC27513
2.75 mm15 mm20 atmMNC27515
2.75 mm18 mm20 atmMNC27518
2.75 mm23 mm20 atmMNC27523
2.75 mm28 mm20 atmMNC27528
2.75 mm35 mm20 atmMNC27535
3.00 mm8 mm20 atmMNC30008
3.00 mm10 mm20 atmMNC30010
3.00 mm13 mm20 atmMNC30013
3.00 mm15 mm20 atmMNC30015
3.00 mm18 mm20 atmMNC30018
3.00 mm23 mm20 atmMNC30023
3.00 mm28 mm20 atmMNC30028
3.00 mm35 mm20 atmMNC30035
3.50 mm8 mm20 atmMNC35008
3.50 mm10 mm20 atmMNC35010
3.50 mm13 mm20 atmMNC35013
3.50 mm15 mm20 atmMNC35015
3.50 mm18 mm20 atmMNC35018
3.50 mm23 mm20 atmMNC35023
3.50 mm28 mm20 atmMNC35028
3.50 mm35 mm20 atmMNC35035
4.00 mm8 mm20 atmMNC40008
4.00 mm10 mm20 atmMNC40010
4.00 mm13 mm20 atmMNC40013
4.00 mm15 mm20 atmMNC40015
4.00 mm18 mm20 atmMNC40018
4.00 mm23 mm20 atmMNC40023
4.00 mm28 mm20 atmMNC40028
4.00 mm35 mm20 atmMNC40035
4.50 mm8 mm20 atmMNC45008
4.50 mm10 mm20 atmMNC45010
4.50 mm13 mm20 atmMNC45013
4.50 mm15 mm20 atmMNC45015
4.50 mm18 mm20 atmMNC45018
4.50 mm23 mm20 atmMNC45023
4.50 mm28 mm20 atmMNC45028
4.50 mm35 mm20 atmMNC45035