Universal Shapes, INFINITI and SUPER TORQUE Plus Diagnostic Catheters

The RBL-TG and RBL-JK shapes now available in our nylon INFINITI® and polyurethane SUPER TORQUE® Plus Catheters.

Product Description

The RBL-TG™ and RBL-JK™ shapes allow you to cannulate both the left and right coronary artery with a single catheter, and are now available in our nylon INFINITI and polyurethane SUPER TORQUE Plus lines.

  • Direct Response: High density braiding for exceptional responsiveness and one to one torque control
  • Kink Resistant: Braided construction for excellent pushability without compromising kink resistance
  • True Lumen Design: With thin wall technology for a consistent lumen diameter that facilitates easy injections and higher flow rates
Order CodeShape nameSide holesLength (cm)French size
599500T1RBL-TG11005.2F (1.75 mm)
599525T1RBL-TG11255F (1.65 mm)
599600T1RBL-TG11006F (2.0 mm)
599625T1RBL-TG11256F (2.0 mm)
599500J2RBL-JK21005.2F (1.75 mm)
599525J2RBL-JK21255.2F (1.75 mm)
599600J2RBL-JK21006F (2.0 mm)
599625J2RBL-JK21256F (2.0 mm)
599600R501RBL5.011006F (2.0 mm)
599625R501RBL5.011256F (2.0 mm)
599600R451RBL4.511006F (2.0 mm)
599625R451RBL4.511256F (2.0 mm)
599600R401RBL4.011006F (2.0 mm)
599625R401RBL4.011256F (2.0 mm)


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